Treating Water Seriously

Swimming pool & Spa pool

Keep your patrons safe and your business running swimmingly, with pool water testing services from Dynamika. Our team can assess your water systems and issue official certification to help you comply with health and safety legislation. Call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 to arrange your consultation today.

If you run a public pool or spa, you’ll know how important it is to protect it from contamination. Without proper sanitation and careful management, bathing water can provide the perfect breeding ground for legionella, E. coli and other harmful microbes. Even a minor outbreak can pose a danger to your customers’ well-being and the future of your business.

Complete pool quality testing

If your water systems need a health check, we can lend a hand. Dynamika offer comprehensive water quality testing services to swimming pools, spa pools, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis, water parks and leisure facilities across the country.

Our professional water hygiene technicians can carry out a full inspection of your business premises to ensure your water systems remain safe. Samples of your water will be collected and analysed at our UKAS-accredited laboratory for any traces of bacterial contamination.

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You’ll be provided with full test certification following your inspection, along with advice and recommendations to maintain the safe operation of your water systems. If your premises are deemed unsafe, our technicians can offer expert guidance to get your business back on track.

To find out more or to arrange a visit from us, call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 or get in touch online.