Treating Water Seriously

Water Testing for Marinas

Keep your marina’s water facilities in good health, with water testing and treatment services from the South Coast’s water experts.

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Maintaining a safe water supply in a marina or harbour environment can be tricky. Sewage from visiting vessels, stagnant seawater and high tide flooding can all spread nasty bacteria to shared water facilities - potentially leading to a serious public health risk.

All-in-One Inspection, Testing, Disinfection and Certification

If your marina’s water systems need a check-up, Dynamika’s expert water technicians are here to help.

You can rely on us for routine assessments, including microbiological and chemical analysis through our professional UKAS-accredited laboratory - and we can even provide you with official certification to confirm your water facilities meet UK health and safety standards.

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But what if your water quality doesn’t make the grade?

Don’t worry! Dynamika can provide everything you need to get your port facilities back up to standard - from complete disinfection and water treatment to impartial advice on the best operating practices.

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