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Legionella risk assessments defined (ACoP L8)

Looking to keep your business in line with legionella legislation? Dynamika can carry out full risk assessments and provide detailed recommendations to keep your premises free of contamination.

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Legionella: Explained Legionella is a particularly nasty bacteria which occurs naturally in fresh water, but becomes a more serious danger if it contaminates man-made water systems - particularly warm environments where it multiplies and spreads more quickly.

Legionella is responsible for Pontiac fever (a fairly harmless flu-like infection) or the far more severe Legionnaire’s disease (a form of pneumonia which can prove deadly).

As an employer and/or an owner of premises, you have an obligation to keep your staff and customers safe from the danger of legionella - no matter what industry you’re in. The HSE’s Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) sets out strict guidelines for all businesses to follow, which includes carrying out a thorough risk assessment and drawing up a comprehensive scheme for controlling the growth and spread of bacteria.

Complete Risk Assessment Services

Dynamika can provide complete water hygiene surveys to keep your business compliant with health and safety legislation. Our highly experienced water engineers will carefully inspect your water systems and review the potential for contamination. If any traces of legionella are discovered during your inspection, Dynamika can also provide disinfection services to safely eradicate it from your premises.
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Following the survey, you’ll be provided with an in-depth written report with recommendations for keeping your premises clear of legionella.

Your report will also include photographic evidence of problem areas and a full water asset register.

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