Treating Water Seriously

Heating & Cooling System Treatment

A closed system, or closed circuit as it is also known, is a recirculation system that has little or no fresh water make-up, generally less than 10% per year. Closed systems can be used for heating or to carry cooling water.

Examples would include central heating and air conditioning systems. Many critical cooling applications employ a closed system, due to the benefit offered by minimising potential influx of debris and microbiological growths.

Mains water as it is supplied is considered safe to drink. However, unless the water used for closed systems is ‘conditioned’ to make it safe to the fabric of the system, dramatic reductions in system efficiency will occur. To find out more or to book a visit from us, call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 today.

Assisting you in compliance with regulations

The typical causes for these problems are:

  • Scale formulation – deposition of calcium & magnesium salts
  • Fouling – deposition of particular matter such as sludge
  • Corrosion – ferrous & non-ferrous decomposition
  • Microbiological activity – protozoa, pseudomonas, biofilms, Legionella, etc.

An essential component of successful operation of a closed water system must be an effective chemical dosing programme. Successful chemical treatment of a closed water system can only be ensured if operators deal with a reputable closed system commissioning company who can treat the water. Such a company must deliver reliable, cost effective solutions to customer requirements.

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It must also ensure those solutions comply with ever tightening legislation and regulations, particularly in the areas of health & safety and the environment.

Here at Dynamika we will assist you in compliance with the regulations. To find out more or to book a visit from us, call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 today.