Treating Water Seriously

Water quality services for cruise ships & boats

Keep your ship compliant with regulations, and your passengers and crew safe at sea, with port-side water quality testing services from Dynamika. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; call 03333 22 0800 to arrange an urgent testing appointment with us today!

Potable Water Quality: The Risks

The sea is a dangerous environment to navigate - but it’s not just the waves and the weather that pose risks.

Ensuring your on-board potable water supply remains safe to drink on can be challenging. As well as the risk of corrosion from seawater, your water system will naturally sit in close quarters with sewage systems, waste chemicals, ballast water and other dangerous substances.

It’s the perfect storm for cross-contamination and the spread of harmful bacteria (including legionella). A disease outbreak can not only ruin your reputation with customers, but can occasionally prove fatal for your passengers and crew.

Water testing, risk assessments and disinfection

Situated in Fareham on the UK’s south coast, Dynamika are the ideal solution for providing port-side testing for cruise ships, ocean liners and other oceangoing vessels. Our professional water engineers can quickly travel to your dock - even at short notice - and carry out thorough microbiological and chemical testing via our UKAS-accredited laboratory.

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All well as checking your potable water supply, Dynamika will carefully inspect your on-board water systems to identify any hygiene issues and potential disasters-in-the-making.

Chlorination and other disinfection procedures can also be provided to keep your water safe to drink during subsequent voyages.

Services are provided across the country, and you can even rely on us for offshore installations such as oil and gas platforms.

To find out more or to book an urgent visit from us, call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 today.