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Central Heating Radiator PowerFlushing

Bring the warmth and coziness back to your home or office space with professional power flushing services from Dynamika.
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Over time, a buildup of sludge, rust and other contaminants can clog up your central heating system; preventing hot water from circulating through the system as normal. This can lead to cold spots on your radiators and even boiler damage if left unchecked.

If you’re having trouble with your radiators, Dynamika can help. 

Using professional high-flow power flushing equipment, our engineers can wash away any nasty sludge deposits; leaving your central heating and cooling systems running at their best with clean, fresh water. 

Plus, we’ll add an inhibitor chemical to your system to prevent sludge buildup in the future; giving you complete peace of mind.

Will power flushing damage my central heating system?

Don’t worry - all the equipment we use is designed to operate well within the pressure limits for domestic central heating systems, so power flushing won’t cause any damage or introduce any new leaks to your radiators and water pipes.

Our service works with most domestic heating systems, including towel rail heaters and underfloor water heating systems; and we’re fiercely competitive on prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. To book a power flushing consultation, call Dynamika today on 03333 22 0800 or get in touch online!

Power flushing for commercial heating systems

Dynamika are also experienced in carrying out power flushing for more complex commercial heating and cooling systems. 

Our engineers will carry out a free survey of your system to see how we can help, then provide you with a complete quote for the work with no hidden costs. For your free site survey and quote, call our team on 03333 22 0800 or contact us online today.

Bespoke water treatment

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Testing is performed at our UKAS-accredited laboratory. If any contamination is discovered, you can rely on us for impartial advice and bespoke water treatment - disinfecting any affected systems and getting your water safety back on track.

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