Treating Water Seriously

Boat & Yacht Disinfection

Keep your watercraft and your crew safe from the risks of legionella bacteria, with onboard water sterilisation services from Dynamika. Call us on 03333 22 0800 to arrange a visit today.

Spring is here and you’re ready to sail - but is your boat safe for the journey? If it’s been a while since your last voyage, your craft’s onboard water systems could be harbouring all sorts of harmful bacteria (including deadly legionella).

Professional Disinfection and Testing

Dynamika’s water experts provide professional disinfection service for yacht and motorboat owners across the UK.

Ideally located in Fareham on the South Coast, our expert water technicians can perform a complete flush-out of your onboard facilities - from your potable and wastewater tanks to all your pipework, taps and showerheads.

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The whole process is eco-friendly and won’t harm any metal or plastic components within your boat’s water systems - and we’ll also carry out post-disinfection microbiological testing to ensure your yacht is safe and clear of contamination.

To find out more, call Dynamika on 03333 22 0800 or get in touch online today.