Treating Water Seriously

Beach bathing quality water testing

Does your coastal space meet Environmental Agency guidelines for bathing water quality?

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Contamination from oil dispersants, wastewater facilities and even rainfall can threaten the safety of beach bathing waters, leaving swimmers at risk of recreational water illnesses (RWIs).

If you’re in charge of a recreational coastal space, it’s important to routinely test the water for traces of pollution, pathogens and other nasty contaminants.

Professional testing for beach water quality

Dynamika offer regular water testing for coastal authorities and private beach owners across the UK. You can rely on us for a complete examination of your coastal bathing waters, including full chemical and microbiological analysis through our UKAS-approved laboratory.

The whole process is carried out quickly, professionally and to HSE guidelines by our team of highly trained water technicians.

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What if your water doesn’t pass the test?
No problem - Dynamika can also provide expert advice and even specialist water treatment, helping you remove any toxic pollutants and restore your coastal waters to Environmental Agency standards.

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