Treating Water Seriously

Health & Safety Obligation

Dynamika offers cost effective, real solutions to the control of Legionella Bacteria in your business water systems with a range of water chlorination, water treatment and water testing.

ACoP L8 'The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems' applies to all businesses in the UK, who store or use water, irrespective of the industry sector to which they belong. Failure to comply with any provision of any Approved Code of Practice is not in itself an offence.

However, that failure is allowable in criminal proceedings, as proof to a court of law, that a person has contravened the legal requirement to which the provision relates.

Employers must take adequate precautions to prevent the risk of Legionella infections occurring to their staff and others by any of their activities.

If you do not prevent exposure you could be prosecuted under these laws:

  • HSWA   Health and Safety at Work Act
  • COSHH  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

The new Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 came into force in January 2009, providing courts with greater sentencing power for contraventions of Health and Safety law.  Now, individuals can be sent to prison for violations, even if no death occurs.

With so many recent developments in Legionella legislation, detection and treatment, those involved in premises management need to avoid exposing themselves to prosecution under this, or any other law.